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A Stay At Home Mommy

I’ve always been the one to avoid a camera but I’m happy that I’m a little more accepting of it otherwise I couldn’t capture such beautiful memories.

You know, I’ve had many criticize and comment about our decision for me to stay home with Isaac and that’s okay. This is something we both really wanted and felt was right. With the promotion the Lord blessed Russ with, He made it possible. His promotion covered my income to the dollar! That told us that we were doing the right thing. Do we have a lot of money? No. Money is tight and we have learned to be frugal in many ways but to us, it’s so worth it.

sleepysnugglesFor Isaac to remain in his bed on cold, nasty mornings, to be in the comfort of his home and cuddles of a parent when he isn’t feeling well, to spend plenty of quality time with him and teaching him everything he desires to learn, makes the struggles so worth it!!

I understand that some people just aren’t financially able to do this but the majority of what I’ve heard and seen is that the adult would be bored or go “stir-crazy”. ¬†They wouldn’t be able to have the lifestyle they wanted with a big house or additions, new cars, trips and other materialistic items. To hear and learn of these things truly breaks my heart because the priorities are made clear.

handsonfaceThe days I spend with Isaac, the trust, connections and relationship that we have cannot be put into words. I think it also helps that I am now a Christian and see the love of life, nurturing and teaching through a different set of eyes! My only regret is that I wish I had that when Dylan was growing up too! He is now 21 and I feel like there was so much we missed. I loved and adored Dylan just as much but I lived in the flesh. I taught him and I did the best I could with what I knew but I didn’t know the Father back then and that truly makes a difference. Perhaps it isn’t too late though and Dylan can still come to learn and know the unconditional love of the Father. If not through us, than whatever way the Lord chooses!

When it comes to the criticism I get from time to time, I will continue to pray that they will come to learn and know the unexplainable, overwhelming, unconditional love and power that comes from knowing the love that only He provides. A love that you must show and share with your babies! Nurture and hold them…teach them and correct them..but always do it in love.Walk with me mama

I’m not perfect but I’ve never claimed to be. When I make mistakes, I will be certain to humble myself and apologize to my son and not make excuses. He needs to see and know that we all make mistakes but we are also accountable for our actions, especially to the Lord. I think many, including some that claim to be Christian, have lost sight of this in the battle to always be right.

I also know that I may get some criticism for this post. If I had read something like this before I knew my Lord and Savior, before I knew this kind of love, I may have have¬†felt defensive too but please don’t. The Father loves you and He only wants to give you more! I’m only trying to share His love, the best I know how.



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